A new website for artisan soap makers. Kept it nice and clean - just like the soaps.
Got into a bit of a lather working with the client on this packaging (she's the wife!). The soaps are hand made and totally natural so the packaging needed to reflect this. The typeography had a handmade feel. All the packaging and brochures were printed on recycled card. They should clean up.
The Glasneven Cemetery Poster Campaign has been a huge success. So much so that they are now selling them in the Cemetery shop. This is the design for the A2 poster.
The word Solas means 'light' in Irish. This is the new logo I designed for a bar/restaurant in Dublin's Camden Street.
With more than 1.5 million people buried in Glasnevin it's true to say All Human Life is Here. Among the thousands of names represented (22,008 Byrnes for instance) are many that contrast, creating a campaign that engages and provokes at the same time. It instantly makes you wonder about your family name and invites the viewer to come up with their own variations- always a sure sign of a campaign with legs. Well, one Leg, four Leggs and 18 Legges, to be precise.

Media: Metro Posters / 6 Sheet Posters / Bus Posters / Radio
Concept/Copy: Eoghan Nolan, Brand Artillery
Artdirection: Tony Purcell Freelance
Amawele is an Irish volunteer charity helping schools in South Africa to grow organic vegetable gardens for kids that really need proper nutrition. Concept Tony Purcell / Killian O'Donnell.
The invitation was for a golf weekend away in Scotland. On the front cover It featured a real golf ball marker to can be used during a game.
The new Interprint logo features a star doodle over the letter 'i'. This is brought through all the branding from stationery to signage.
Andy and Nik make beautiful, one off, hand made furniture from their workshop in Dublin city. I designed a look for them using a bright palette of colours and simple illustrations.
Copywriter Eoghan Nolan of Brand Artillery and myself created this ad for Bloomsday at Glasnevin Cemetery.  I hope that Burgundy was at least 15% proof.